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1. 提出邀请并简述原因

2. 活动的内容(了解编织艺术的历史:1000多年;观看编织艺术的展览;用竹子编椅子,窗帘,装饰品)

3. 约定与Tom见面的时间和地点

4. 期待对方的回复


Dear Tom,

Here comes a piece of good news. The Campus Culture Festival will be hosted this Friday. Since you have a strong passion for Chinese folk art, it’s a great pleasure for me to invite you to join us to feel the fascination of the weaving art.

The activity is scheduled to last approximately two hours, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the school hall. It covers a wide variety of content. Not only can we appreciate numerous appealing weaving works ranging from chairs to decorations, but also we’ll watch the documentary concerning the history of the weaving art. In addition, some distinguished professors will be invited to deliver a lecture about how to promote the development of the weaving art, during which time you will be definitely gain a better understanding of it. By the way, if you are available, we’ll meet at three sharp outside the school gate.

How I hope you can take my invitation into consideration! Your timely reply will be highly appreciated.  


Li Hua



内容包括:1. 现象

2. 共享单车兴起的原因

3. 约TOM周末骑共享单车


Dear Tom,

Learning that you have a strong fancy for the shared—bikes,I am glad to tell you some relevant information about it.

Currently,the bike—sharing program is popular among people ranging from the old and the young,as a result of which such a bike can be seen here and there.

The shared—bikes come into being for the reason that the shared—bikes solves the last kilometer problem efficiently and makes contribution to reducing air pollution. The more shared-bike we ride,the better environment we have.

So beneficial is the shared-bike that we ought to have a try. I sincerely invite you to ride the shared-bikes with me this weekend. Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua



1. 描述当前广场舞的现状

2. 分析这种现象产生的原因

3. 陈述利弊以及表明个人态度


It is a common phenomenon that people, including the elderly people as well as some young people, will gather in the dancing square early in the morning or late in the evening due to the fact that people’s physical and mental life develop rapidly.

When it comes to square dance, it is universally acknowledged that it makes a tremendous difference to people’s life. For instance, not only dancing women promote people’s relationship but also it makes contributions to people’s health. However, dancing has some disadvantages of its own despite its advantages. When dancing, the dancing women play loud music unconsciously, which gives rise to dissatisfaction.

Personally speaking, I am definitely in favor of such behaviors. By the way, I do hope the dancing women can try their best to regulate the volume of music. Only in this case can we create a harmonious community together.


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